ABOUT 19ut003

Radio was my first love, and it will be my last…

Ever since I was a child, radio tickled my imagination. At the age of three my late grandmother placed me in front of a Philips Plano radio to listen to ‘toddlers radio’, in Dutch ‘Kleutertje luister’. I wasn’t supposed to touch the dial, but soon I tried and found out there was more to hear than I could imagine. Later, when I was able to read, the fascination grew even faster, with all the stationnames on the dial. I looked them up in an atlas and had the feeling that the world was mine.

Philips PlanoBeside ‘normal’ radiostations I also listend to facility frequencies, like police communications in the lower FM-band, radioamateurs in AM and the broadcasts of Scheveningen Radio – for shipscaptains to stay in touch with the mainland. That’s when I learned the NATO alphabet, because telegrams for the crew were read in that language.

Philips Plano dialMy first radio ever was a Philips too and I found it beside a dustbin. But the wire to ajust the dial snapped and no-one in my family could repair it. It took a long time before I had a new radio and that’s where the seed was planted for collecting radioequipment, and it lasts until today.

To be continued…

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